Direct producer of promotional stands
and equipment of commercial interiors

Optimo Vista is a Czech company engaged in the production of interior furniture and furnishings retail spaces.

We design, produce and install shop in shops, commercial furniture, stands, showcases, receptions, bars and we also design domestic furniture. We enjoy the challenge of using new advanced materials in our production. We mostly work with solid wood, particle board, MDF panels, veneer in the whole possible range, polymer stones, glass and metal materials. We also use plexiglass and other plastics materials – We are albe to bend them, glue them and polish them.

Our team consists of experienced and creative people with years of experience in the field of technology, design and advertising.

We are a proactive team of people who are always looking for an ideal solution linked to client requests.

The main target for us is to convert your ideas into unique designs and then implement them.